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Kees Cook
last change: 10Aug1999

There is a demand for an easy-to-use Unix tool for sending pages. "sendpage" is the answer. Originally written in 1995 almost entirely by Mark Fullmer, this code has seen many patches and additions. Counterpoint Networking is now managing the work on the source code. We thought sendpage version 7 was a great tool but needed some work. Since Mark didn't have time to maintain the code, we are now. Several patches since the version 7alpha release have been added, and now major changes to the code structure are taking place, including setting it up with a GNU "configure" script.

I'm trying to compile a list of architectures that sendpage works on. Right now it's short because this version of the code is rather new.

sendpage is under the GNU Public License so everyone can use it.


Well, I've tried to autoconf the code. It is tested under Linux, Solaris, and AIX at the least. If people encounter problems, please give me feedback. In the testing (and running correctly for me and many other people) phase is the newer 0.8.x series. The current version is [HTTP] . If you're really crazy, is kinda working. Has some memory trouble, and here's patch from Todd M. Lewis ( Thanks!

Much changed in 0.8.5 as far as compatibility issues. If it doesn't compile, please send me email, and we can figure out how to make it work for your machine.

For all versions, you need the Berkeley "db" pacakge. If you don't have it on your machine already, grab a copy from here and then follow the simple instructions in the sendpage "INSTALL" file and the GNU "configure" script will find the library automagically.
If you want to get your own copy of the latest DB from where it's maintained, it's now kept at Sleepy Cat. Sendpage uses the "1.85 compatibility mode" so make sure you use "--enable-compat185" when configuring the DB package.

Michelle Craft wrote a man page for sendpage too. You can get it here since I haven't had a chance to put it into the "distribution" yet.

If you want the old release, here is the 7alpha version.

New Features/Fixes in 0.8.X

Mailing lists

To join the sendpage users mailing list, send "subscribe sendpage" in the body of an email to
To join the sendpage hackers mailing list, send "subscribe" in the body of an email to


The sendpage 7 FAQ is located here but I've had trouble getting it sometimes, so I have a local copy here.

I'm working on a new FAQ, also.


There's lots to do, most notably, documentation. If anyone wants to make a man page or the like, please email me.

Kees Cook
Counterpoint Networking