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frequently asked questions
last modified: 05/01/96

Q. How do I compile on XXX platform?

A. Make sure you followed the instructions in the comments of both the Makefile and the sendpage.h files. They're both important. Even if everything compiles, things may not work due to a misconfiguration in one file or the other.

Q. Email sent to goes to instead.

A. Some problems have been reported with using a CNAME to name your "pager" machine. Try using an A record to name your pager machine instead. It might also be missing an MX record. Make sure your pager machine is MX'd to your machine that's running sendpage and of course, your sendpage machine needs the requisite Cw in Dave Karr recommends this index of dns documents if you get stuck.

Q. When sendpage goes to initialize the modem it sends the AT commands but the "wait" part just whizzes by in a nanosecond before the modem has a chance to say "OK."

A. Check that you have "POSIX_OPEN" uncommented in the sendpage.h. It's marked in the comments as neccessary for Solaris, Linux and AIX.

Q. I'm trying to use group aliases to send pages to several people at once but only the first person gets the page right.

A. Yup, Mark broke group aliases when he added message splitting in Alpha 7. He has admitted it and has been sent to his room before bedtime.

Q. How can I keep stats on the usage of my sendpage daemon?

A. grep -c is your friend. The syslog is pretty thorough about what happened and when.

Q. My modem gets the init string alright and I can see it spit out the "OK" when I've turned on debugging. So why does sendpage say "Couldn't Initialize Modem!?"

A. Sendpage likes to see numeric responses from your modem, so the "OK" doesn't get sendpage's attention. Add a "V" to your initialization string -- that'll tell your modem to use numeric responses. Now your modem will respond "0" instead of "OK" which is what sendpage is waiting for.

Q. When I try to compile I get:
queue.c: 119: Can't find include file nt.h
queue.c: 120: Can't find include file nterrno.h
queue.c: 121: Can't find include file ntsextrn.h

A. They aren't required for this version; Just comment out ARSYSTEM_NOTIFIER in sendpage.h and remove the libs in the Makefile.

Q. Sendpage seems to dump the email body when there's a subject line. Can't I have both?

A. Mark sez "this is a feature not a bug." You can remove "-S" from your invocation of sendpage to ignore the Subject line and only use the body of the message if that's any better.